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  • Stock #: 20-1824992
  • VIN #: 1GNSKHKCXJR109692

2018 Chevrolet Suburban LT



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  • 15461557569 814596cc7c2150e5b638c9b086dda11a 618x465
  • 15461557886 cbd03f43a36392cee388ae4ea9305b28 618x465
  • 15461557844 f2a6bd3c41a9c4cabdf1e257aacbd18c 618x465
  • 15461558182 ff2a187f5dc1250c00269278b9e19e4d 618x465
  • 15461558147 9ad2110d447ab89b194dbce78e8b0e7a 618x465
  • 15461558245 16eed41bb52c9fa1f302a1989f0cd598 618x465
  • 15461558395 161ad61dd2b751709d0385bb4ab05675 618x465
  • 15461558795 b9103b570521b8dca593749653c05df4 618x465
  • 15461558575 169db1b6e61720a1eb9c2c1e4e17cec7 618x465
  • 15461558630 c8f9dc1476b42cb3549197b7d688d54c 618x465
  • 15461558805 bf5affd767363de2971ec1544aafcff7 618x465
  • 15461558826 59edba8a36953cffda20351bbccce256 618x465
  • 15461559143 8439c3e59061b9b5e3763282eec97780 618x465
  • 15461559086 f46eee3eefcda25688883d0e2ca1b5d5 618x465
  • 15461559053 1cd3c8ebb4f6cb3d83e0bae0f702a36a 618x465
  • 15461559213 c56eab15ee6dcb2448c73c769b226f02 618x465
  • 15461559338 26b139f535b5ffd70d62fac805ce466c 618x465
  • 15461559526 ef73b25c741e26da8e0630b500cd445e 618x465
  • 15461559422 8591d9efc5001e2a456ef52e36030eb2 618x465
  • 15461559621 2def6ab1e3b17d3cdcfa8e062ad8f5eb 618x465
  • 15461559651 52ef070e5df67b4f34934b10351ab4f1 618x465
  • 15461559879 b71122a21742416b3abaaea1f69ce8db 618x465
  • 15461559893 8bc061fbd79e2ff75227e91bd43e20be 618x465
  • 15461559897 a8d2cdc5ffeef50c9f510245409a098b 618x465
  • 15461560230 f3f8fccb6e041691ff84aeaac986f472 618x465
  • 15461560124 daac9ccf41b21d7e3c76499e70baadc0 618x465
  • 15461560210 44d3d02d6ed7d7c8fd51426ef8965ae8 618x465
  • 15461560323 eef550e844631ceb53a3a4ca91e7b46e 618x465
  • 15461560485 1e50a20c4c6cf2df7a9ad9ea77989e05 618x465
  • 15461560592 6d3b2ea21cadfdd25b0d3952e7610be8 618x465
  • 15461560563 4dc9433cdb37015ec54b73c2e9331ca0 618x465
  • 15461560711 47c3f94bd6963ae1ac3a0de25bc68b1d 618x465
  • 15461560769 c914513d6ae5b59f6df56a7abe0d88f9 618x465
  • 15461560901 2b999eb0f65a7b4c80d6289872af153e 618x465
  • 15461560970 25103c845a328a21a404c87feefff395 618x465
  • 15461560998 a36b624f40b7c6738f048874f98f5812 618x465
  • 15461561109 07bbe02df4e5f8dc415790bd803585a1 618x465
  • 15461561245 392d28e0b530bcb7d2288e6d6de04660 618x465
  • 15461561233 c3f352f6ae7a4694bddec82e7d8cd2eb 618x465
  • 15461561347 7ab66aa8dabb245eab3dbea921ad8d73 618x465
  • 15461561701 eaf2e03123a7ce3e1227ac867dd36499 618x465
  • 15461561476 3d22ca2c7625da9bbb429fc0086f4ea1 618x465
  • 15461561527 8914de71fde9c9650649a686940525b6 618x465
  • 15461561667 5f20bbb87d7a9f2ba0d0356fb95289e2 618x465
  • 15461561712 d43eb5ec6d4d7000a09a6582c28d2d9c 618x465
  • 15461561801 1128276e6af507f7b0b8be52e04a2f41 618x465
  • 15461562006 a6df49f3c9ceec53a5dc6175df87f448 618x465
  • 15461561890 ae6f14ccd93be520c009d5155eb1d794 618x465
  • 15461561999 ad65ce0282c3f3bf75a7bdc41303e714 618x465
  • 15461562079 3a406549c2516249e20bfbd708ce78f3 618x465
  • 15461562218 ae77da3bd7be1e31344dcb7972500e72 618x465
  • 15461562409 2267a64d87cc95e0468e6ee721614631 618x465
  • 15461562328 cb2eb81099013fc3128ab5214417d62d 618x465
  • 15461562407 42aadb29f5e5932f21352f1deeb791cb 618x465
  • 15461562464 567417ecf131234f73d1c0a80aea8055 618x465
  • 15461562560 94ab82efdea5ab635d9a7acee77b1c42 618x465
  • 15461562642 42e41c29742904aee8bd5b18c6b1259f 618x465
  • 15461562702 d0c2ec51a7579af237b0751af9724fd3 618x465
  • 15461562716 c8394b2cbc39bc6e92d7b74c5b1c5b86 618x465
  • 15461562819 919b47e3e3e6275877081d4a93a9f086 618x465
  • 15461562929 7fb43634212a23beaa6cef86a4d55054 618x465
  • 15461562884 105169cb5493d368ca36159f2ddcd797 618x465
  • 15461563017 c41dbbd918984e7d44c8d5f46209c26d 618x465
  • 15461563021 de30cd08755279b67d05d5c65553d1cc 618x465
  • 15461563086 5d4d184f3a32f5ba46102ed151af0f05 618x465
  • 15461563195 94e10048b0aeba3a786de71008796a92 618x465
  • 15461563166 5582e3753848f9c5a319b1b9579b5502 618x465
  • 15461563230 6f2655f7ef87102cb5748475c07aa220 618x465
  • 15461563265 f54953df9e374a089e23a9d53f8db943 618x465
  • 15461563338 9695c5b6baeff089a56d4e3613e014cb 618x465
  • 15461563382 f1788e511e1af0a6654146c1aa3a369d 618x465
  • 15461563406 23378d051fc018ad916b251cbbee3b81 618x465
  • 15461563592 e00ddec8c53efe6c1c962827bf37e768 618x465
  • 15461563571 548e3776654ddc49f696e923a671b224 618x465
  • 15461563569 9fbe200f2adad06720ad008f17fcd632 618x465
  • 15461563714 11152dcefcf3176737b4868e3fe47f0a 618x465
  • 15461563736 1935459aaae30effb75504243f2e5738 618x465
  • 15461563886 cc9f879e7b9c3e3496b768425f817477 618x465
  • 15461563863 bae02413df8fd47a4508009227f18c14 618x465
  • 15461563906 cbbbcd5f4a1a53f090ec193b1ec8e2b2 618x465
  • 15461563957 210eee870e779ac693a1974046c8662c 618x465
  • 15461564118 2e4867943afd927dcbabdbd03fba5e9c 618x465
  • 15461564078 74edd8b51d6ae632cb70e3a94e8f7da4 618x465
  • 15461564100 81df6399dcfa1ab1ac50fd893b7594e0 618x465
  • 15461564247 440e8d976faf53abd73a63f2ca7ba00b 618x465
  • 15461564218 1e45c38f724ed30008ff3ab5aed7c6b4 618x465
  • 15461564281 1d29466f830662b09ec83cca059c6bc7 618x465
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Whatever life throws at you, know the Chevrolet Suburban will help you go the extra mile. The 2018 Chevrolet Suburban is loaded with Z85 SUSPENSION PACKAGE, LEATHER-APPOINTED SEATING heated, MYLINK RADIO WITH NAVIGATION, LUXURY PACKAGE, MAX TRAILERING PACKAGE and TRAILER BRAKE. Get all of this for $58,682. Its a v8 Gba Black SUV that offers drivers flexible cargo options. Want to learn more about this 2018 Chevrolet Suburban? Contact Graff Chevrolet.


  • Engine: 5.3L V8 EcoTec3
  • Transmission: Electronic 6-Speed Automatic w/OD
  • Interior: H2U Jet Black
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  • Heated Seats
  • Bluetooth
  • MP3 Compatible
  • Remote Start
  • Dual Zone Climate Control
  • Adjustable Pedals
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Audio Input Jack
  • Premium Sound
  • Leather Seats
  • Auto Headlights
  • Speed Sensing Wipers
  • Universal Garage Door Opener
  • Security System
  • Trailer Package


  • Basic Months: 36 months
  • Basic Distance: 36,000 miles
  • Drivetrain Months: 60 months
  • Drivetrain Distance: 60,000 miles
  • Roadside Months: 60 months
  • Roadside Distance: 60,000 miles
  • Rust Months: 72 months
  • Rust Distance: 100,000 miles
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Installed Options

Preferred Equipment Group 1LT

  • Enhanced Driver Alert Package [Y86]
  • Driver & Front Passenger Air Bags [AYQ]
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio [U2K]
  • HD Radio [U2L]
  • Bose Premium Audio System Feature [UQA]
  • Floor Console w/Storage Area [D07]
  • Electronic Cruise Control w/Set & Resume Speed [K34]
  • Color-Keyed Carpeting Floor Covering [B30]
  • 1st & 2nd Row Color-Keyed Carpeted Floor Mats [B58]
  • Memory Settings [A45]
  • Auto-Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror [DD8]
  • OnStar Basic Plan For 5 Years [ONSTR]
  • Power-Adjustable Accelerator & Brake Pedals [JF4]
  • 12-Volt Auxiliary Power Outlet (5) [POUTLT]
  • Extended-Range Remote Keyless Entry [AQQ]
  • Remote Vehicle Start [BTV]
  • Heated Front Reclining Bucket Seats [AN3]
  • Leather-Appointed Seat Trim [STDTM]
  • 2nd Row 60/40 Split-Folding Manual Bench [AT6]
  • 3rd Row Manual 60/40 Split-Folding Fold Flat Bench [ARN]
  • 6-Way Power Front Passenger Seat Adjuster [AG2]
  • Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel [NP5]
  • Universal Home Remote [UG1]
  • Black Assist Steps [BVE]
  • Power Liftgate [TB5]
  • Roof-Mounted Luggage Rack Side Rails [V54]
  • Rear Park Assist w/Audible Warning [UD7]
  • Tires: P265/65R18 AS BW [RKX]
  • Wheels: 18" x 8.5" High-Polished Aluminum Finish [PZX]
  • 4-Wheel Antilock Disc Brakes [JD9]
  • GVWR: 7,500 lbs (3,402 kgs) [C6H]
  • Premium Smooth Ride Suspension Package [ZW7]
  • Single-Speed Active Autotrac Transfer Case [NP0]

Heated Front Reclining Bucket Seats

Includes heated seat cushions and seat backs, 10-way power driver and passenger seat including 6-way power cushions, driver seat 2-position memory, 2-way power lumbar control and power recline.

GVWR: 7,500 lbs (3,402 kgs)

3.08 Rear Axle Ratio

Radio: Chevrolet MyLink AM/FM Stereo

Includes 8" diagonal color touch-screen, seek-and-scan, digital clock, Bluetooth streaming audio for music and select phones; voice-activated technology for radio and phone; and shop with ability to browse, select and install apps to your vehicle. You can customize your content with audio, weather and more; featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability for compatible phone; 5 USB ports and 1 auxiliary jack.

  • Single-Slot CD/MP3 Player [TG5]

Engine: 5.3L V8 EcoTec3

Includes active fuel management, direct injection, variable valve timing and aluminum block construction

Transmission: Electronic 6-Speed Automatic w/OD

Includes tow/haul mode.

Wheels: 18" x 8.5" High-Polished Aluminum Finish

(45.7 cm x 21.6 cm).

Tires: P265/65R18 AS BW

Leather-Appointed Seat Trim

Premium Smooth Ride Suspension Package

Window Sticker


  • Audio System: Antenna Type, Window grid
  • Audio System: Audio security system, Yes
  • Audio System: Digital Audio Input, Yes
  • Audio System: In-Dash CD, Single
  • Audio System: MP3 player, Yes
  • Audio System: Memory Card Slot, Yes
  • Audio System: Premium Brand Speakers, Bose
  • Audio System: Radio, SiriusXM AM/FM/HD/Satellite
  • Audio System: Speed Sensitive Volume Control, Yes
  • Audio System: Total Number of Speakers, 9
  • Radio Equipment: Bose Premium Audio System Feature, Includes 9-speaker system with subwoofer in center console.
  • Radio Equipment: Floor Console w/Storage Area, Includes storage area, cup holders and auxiliary jack.
  • Radio Equipment: HD Radio
  • Radio Equipment: Single-Slot CD/MP3 Player
  • Radio Equipment: SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Standard on nearly all 2018 GM models. Enjoy a 3-month All Access trial subscription with over 150 channels including commercial-free music, plus sports, news and entertainment. Plus listening on the app and online is included, so you'll hear the best SiriusXM has to offer, anywhere life takes you. Welcome to the world of SiriusXM. If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. To cancel you must call us at 1-866-635-2349. See our customer agreement for complete terms at www.siriusxm.com. All fees and programming subject to change.
  • Radio: Chevrolet MyLink AM/FM Stereo, Includes 8" diagonal color touch-screen, seek-and-scan, digital clock, Bluetooth streaming audio for music and select phones; voice-activated technology for radio and phone; and shop with ability to browse, select and install apps to your vehicle. You can customize your content with audio, weather and more; featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability for compatible phone; 5 USB ports and 1 auxiliary jack.
  • Telematics: Satellite communications, OnStar Guidance
  • Telematics: internet access, Mobile hotspot
  • Telematics: wireless phone connectivity, Bluetooth
  • Video System: Primary Video Monitor Size, 8.0"
  • Video System: Video Monitor Location, Front


  • Air Conditioning: Front air conditioning zones, Dual
  • Air Conditioning: Front air conditioning, Automatic
  • Air Conditioning: Rear air conditioning, With separate controls
  • Comfort Features: Cargo area light, Installed
  • Comfort Features: Dash trim, Metal-look
  • Comfort Features: Door trim, Simulated wood
  • Comfort Features: Floor mats, Carpet front and rear
  • Comfort Features: Reading lights, Front and rear
  • Comfort Features: Shift knob trim, Urethane
  • Comfort Features: Steering wheel trim, Leather/metal-look
  • Convenience Features: 12V DC power outlet, 5
  • Convenience Features: AC power outlet, 1
  • Convenience Features: Adjustable pedals, Power
  • Convenience Features: Audio controls on steering wheel, Audio controls
  • Convenience Features: Cargo Grocery Bag Holder, Yes
  • Convenience Features: Cargo net, Installed
  • Convenience Features: Center Console, Full with covered storage
  • Convenience Features: Cruise control, Installed
  • Convenience Features: Cruise controls on steering wheel, Cruise controls
  • Convenience Features: Cupholders, Front and rear
  • Convenience Features: Door pockets, Driver and passenger
  • Convenience Features: Multi-function remote, Trunk/hatch/door/tailgate, remote engine start
  • Convenience Features: Overhead console, Mini with storage
  • Convenience Features: Power Activated Trunk/Hatch, Power liftgate
  • Convenience Features: Power steering, Speed-proportional electric power steering
  • Convenience Features: Remote trunk release, Power
  • Convenience Features: Retained accessory power, Installed
  • Convenience Features: Seatback storage, 2
  • Convenience Features: Steering wheel, Tilt and telescopic
  • Convenience Features: Universal remote transmitter, Installed
  • Cruise Control: Electronic Cruise Control w/Set & Resume Speed
  • Driver Seat: Adjustable lumbar support, Power 2-way
  • Driver Seat: Heated, Multi-level heating
  • Driver Seat: Height Adjustable, Power
  • Driver Seat: Manual Adjustments, 8
  • Driver Seat: Power Adjustments, 8
  • Headrests: Adjustable Front Headrests, Manual adjustable
  • Headrests: Adjustable rear headrests, Manual adjustable
  • Headrests: Number of rear headrests, 2
  • Headrests: Third row headrests, 2
  • Interior Mirrors: Auto-Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror
  • Interior Miscellaneous: Safety Alert Driver Seat
  • Memorized Settings: Number of drivers, 2
  • Memorized Settings: includes pedals, Yes
  • Memorized Settings: seat memory, Driver
  • Passenger Seat: Heated, Multi-level heating
  • Passenger Seat: Height adjustable, Power
  • Passenger Seat: Lumbar support, Power 2-way
  • Passenger Seat: Manual Adjustments, 8
  • Passenger Seat: Power adjustments, 8
  • Power Seat: 6-Way Power Front Passenger Seat Adjuster
  • Rear Seats: Center armrest, Yes
  • Rear Seats: Folding, Tumble forward
  • Rear Seats: Rear heat, With separate controls
  • Rear Seats: Type, Split-bench
  • Seat Trim: Leather-Appointed Seat Trim
  • Seats: Climate controlled, Driver and passenger heated-cushion, driver and passenger heated-seatback
  • Seats: Front seat type, Bucket
  • Seats: Total Seating Capacity, 8
  • Seats: Upholstery, Leather
  • Seats: seating capacity, 8
  • Steering Wheel: Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel
  • Third Row Seat: Folding, Manual
  • Third Row Seat: Type, 60-40


  • Airbags: Driver Airbag, Yes
  • Airbags: Head airbags, Curtain 1st, 2nd and 3rd row
  • Airbags: Passenger Airbag, Yes
  • Child Safety: Child safety locks, Manual
  • Door Locks: Extended-Range Remote Keyless Entry
  • Door Locks: Remote Vehicle Start
  • Locks: 2-Stage unlocking, Installed
  • Locks: Power door locks, Remote power door locks
  • Seatbelts: Rear center seatbelt, 3-point belt
  • Seatbelts: Seatbelt pretensioners, Front
  • Security/Safety Options: Driver & Front Passenger Air Bags, Includes frontal and side-impact, driver inboard seat-mounted side-impact and head curtain side-impact for all rows in outboard seating positions. Always use safety belts and child restraints. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate child restraint. See the Owner's Manual for more information.
  • Security: Anti-theft alarm system, Yes
  • Security: engine immobilizer, Installed
  • Stability and Traction: Stability control, Stability control with anti-roll
  • Stability and Traction: Traction control, ABS and driveline


  • ABS Brakes: ABS, 4-wheel
  • Brakes: 4-Wheel Antilock Disc Brakes, Includes VAC power with brake assist.
  • Brakes: Braking assist, Installed
  • Brakes: Front brakes, Ventilated disc
  • Drivetrain: 4WD Type, Part and full-time
  • Drivetrain: Axle ratio, 3.08
  • Drivetrain: Driven Wheels, Four-wheel
  • Drivetrain: Limited slip differential, Mechanical
  • Drivetrain: Locking Hubs, Auto
  • Drivetrain: Rear locking differential, Automatic
  • Drivetrain: Transfer Case, Electronic
  • Engine: 5.3L V8 EcoTec3, Includes active fuel management, direct injection, variable valve timing and aluminum block construction
  • Suspension Type: Premium Smooth Ride Suspension Package
  • Suspension: Class, Regular
  • Suspension: Front Spring Type, Coil
  • Suspension: Front Stabilizer Bar, Regular
  • Suspension: Front Suspension Classification, Independent
  • Suspension: Front suspension type, Short and long arm
  • Suspension: Independent, Front
  • Suspension: Rear Spring Type, Coil
  • Suspension: Rear Stabilizer Bar, Regular
  • Suspension: Rear Suspension Classification, Rigid axle
  • Suspension: Rear Suspension Type, Multi-link
  • Suspension: stabilizer bar, Front and rear
  • Towing and Hauling: Cargo tie downs, Installed
  • Towing and Hauling: Trailer Sway Control, Installed
  • Towing and Hauling: Trailer hitch, Installed
  • Transfer Case: Single-Speed Active Autotrac Transfer Case, Includes rotary controls. Does not include neutral. Cannot be dinghy towed.
  • Transmission: Electronic 6-Speed Automatic w/OD, Includes tow/haul mode.


  • Doors: Liftgate window, Flip-up
  • Doors: Rear door type, Power liftgate
  • Doors: left rear passenger door type, Conventional
  • Doors: right rear passenger door type, Conventional
  • Exterior Features: Grille, Black w/chrome surround
  • Exterior Features: Rear spoiler, Lip
  • Exterior Ornamentation: Black Assist Steps
  • Lights: Daytime running lights, Installed
  • Lights: Exterior entry lights, Remote activated
  • Lights: Headlights auto delay, Auto delay off
  • Lights: Headlights dusk sensor, Dusk sensing
  • Mirrors: Auto-dimming mirrors, Electrochromatic, driver only
  • Mirrors: Driver mirror adjustment, Power remote w/tilt down
  • Mirrors: Heated driver mirror, Heated
  • Mirrors: Heated passenger mirror, Heated
  • Mirrors: Inside rearview mirror, Electrochromatic
  • Mirrors: Passenger mirror adjustment, Power remote w/tilt down
  • Mirrors: Reverse tilt mirrors, Dual mirrors
  • Mirrors: Vanity mirrors, Dual illuminated vanity mirrors
  • Roof: Roof rack, Rails only
  • Spare Tire: Mount Location, Underbody w/crankdown
  • Spare Tire: Size, Full-size
  • Spare Wheel: Rim type, Steel
  • Tire Type: Tires: P265/65R18 AS BW
  • Tires: Diameter, 18.0"
  • Tires: Prefix, P
  • Tires: Profile, 65
  • Tires: Speed Rating, S
  • Tires: Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Tire specific
  • Tires: Type, AS
  • Tires: Width, 265 mm
  • Wheel Type: Wheels: 18" x 8.5" High-Polished Aluminum Finish, (45.7 cm x 21.6 cm).
  • Wheels: Diameter, 18
  • Wheels: Rim Type, Polished aluminum
  • Wheels: Width, 8.5
  • Windows: Front wipers - intermittent, Variable intermittent
  • Windows: Front wipers - rain sensing, Rain sensing
  • Windows: One-touch windows, 4
  • Windows: Power windows, Installed
  • Windows: Privacy glass, Deep
  • Windows: Rear defogger, Installed
  • Windows: Rear wiper, Fixed interval

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