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Winter Tire Care at Hank Graff Chevrolet in Bay City, MI

Keeping up with routine tire maintenance is important all year round for your car's performance and efficiency, but especially during the winter season. Your tires are one of the most important safety components on your vehicle in the winter because of their ability to provide traction while starting and stopping on snowy and icy roads. When the bad weather hits, you want to be confident in your tires! To ensure your safety on the road, complete the winter tire maintenance checklist, and consider having winter tires put on your car. We'd be happy to help you with all your winter tire care tasks at Hank Graff Chevrolet in Bay City, MI in our Certified Service Center.

Winter Tire Maintenance Checklist

  • Check Tire Pressure – As the weather grows colder, your tire’s air pressure may decrease due the drop in temperature. This is because the oxygen molecules in the tire are contracting in the lower temperatures. Thankfully, you can just add a few psi of air pressure to each tire and they will be good as new. It is important though to get in the habit of checking your tire air pressure often since proper air pressure in your tires allows for better fuel economy, smoother driving, and improved handling.
  • Check Tire Tread – The tread on your tires is very important especially in slushy and wet road conditions. Appropriate tire tread helps your tires to grip to the road, keeping you in control of the vehicle, and helping you drive properly.
  • Rotate Your Tires – Routine tire rotations assist in the process of maintaining your tires and allowing the tread to wear evenly. Your tires will likely experience irregular wear during the long winter months, but by regularly rotating them, your tires will last longer and keep you safer on the roads.
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Why Should You Consider Winter Tires?

As winter hits us full-force, you should get in the habit of regularly checking your tires to make sure they stay in the proper condition to handle slick conditions, but you might want to consider winter tires. Winter tires are designed to provide traction in snow, ice, sleet, slush, and generally cold weather. Winter tires are an investment, but can increase your safety on slick roads because they include:

  • Aggressive tread to reduce snow buildup
  • Biting edges for grip in deep snow and slush
  • Formulated rubber to remain flexible at low temps for better grip
  • Deeper tread to better channel snow, slush, and ice

Winter tires are known to shorten braking times by 25% compared to all-season tires. If your vehicle isn’t stopping as well as it should be in slick conditions, you should consider taking your vehicle to Graff Bay City for a winter tire inspection, rotation, or installation. To find out what winter tire options are available and which option makes sense for your budget, call us at 989-684-4411.

Schedule Your Winter Tire Service Appointment at Graff Chevy Bay City Online

If you’re worried about the condition of your current tires in winter weather, bring your Chevrolet vehicle into our Service Center in Bay City, MI for an inspection. Our factory trained and caring technicians would be happy to take a look at the tires on any make and model. It's our goal to ensure you're in a safe vehicle this winter. Whether you need a rotation, tire inflation, or new tire installation, we're here to help. You can conveniently schedule your winter tire service appointment at Graff Chevy Bay City online. Call us at 989-684-4411 or visit us at 3636 Wilder Rd., Bay City, MI 48706!