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Oil Changes and Winter Car Care at Graff Bay City

Oil is an important liquid in your vehicle that lubricates the moving pieces of your engine. The purpose of oil is to remove heat from the engine, lubricate the parts to protect, and keep the engine clean my containing any dirt and debris. Over time, oil can naturally become too dirty and worn to properly lubricate your vehicle's engine. If oil isn’t changed every 3,000–5,000 miles it can become harmful for your vehicle and may lead to costly repairs. Oil changes are one of the easiest routine maintenance services that can help extend the life of your vehicle. They are especially important during the winter months because the cold temperatures can make it harder for your vehicle to run in various ways. Taking care of your vehicle is easy at Graff Bay City. You can have your oil changes and Winter Car Care done in our Certified Service Center, where our caring technicians are trained to properly work on any make and model.

Signs You Need an Oil Change this Winter

As we mentioned above, oil will collect bits of dirt and debris from the engine overtime, causing it to lose its effectiveness in protecting and removing heat from the engine. Skipping oil changes can cause the engine to become too hot from friction, to work less efficiently, and engine components to wear much too quickly. Synthetic oil may help extended the time allotted between oil changes, but isn't necessary in most vehicles. But even synthetic oil needs to be changed regularly. You can determine when your oil becomes ineffective by looking out for these signs you need an oil change this winter:

  • Your oil warning light comes on – This can mean that you have low oil pressure in your engine, that the oil pump isn’t circulating enough oil to keep everything lubricated, or simply that you need new oil. If this warning light comes on, we recommend giving your vehicle some time to cool down and then bring it in for service as soon as you can.
  • Your oil is black and gritty – If you didn’t already know, oil is supposed to be a honey brown color. The black and gritty look comes from all the dirt and debris that has been removed from the engine over time. If your oil is dirty looking, it's time for a change to prevent wear on your engine's parts.
  • Your oil level is low on the dipstick – Your dipstick measures the volume of oil in your engine. So if the oil mark level is low or very close to the end of the dipstick, then your oil volume is low and in need of replenishing.
  • Your engine is louder than usual – This is a warning sign that is not to be ignored. If your engine sounds louder than usual, this likely means that you have very little oil left in your engine to lubricate it and all of the moving parts are now wearing against each other. Hopefully your vehicle doesn't get to this point, but if it does, bring your vehicle in for an oil change right away to avoid most costly engine damage.
  • You can’t remember your last oil change – Thankfully many auto service and auto change shops will put a sticker on the inside of your windshield that indicates the suggested date and mileage of your next oil change. If you don’t have a sticker, and aren’t sure when it was last changed, then it’s time to come in for an inspection.
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Schedule Winter Car Care and Auto Service at Graff Chevrolet in Bay City, MI Online

If you're coming up on the 3,000-5,000 mile marker, or are experiencing any of the above signs, schedule your oil change at Graff Bay City. Our Certified Service Center is staffed with experienced technicians who will check and change your oil and suggest a date for your next oil change based on your specific make, model, and choice of oil type. Our competitive service and parts pricing will also help you feel confident that you're taking care of your vehicle the right way. You can conveniently schedule Winter Car Care and Auto Service at Graff Chevolet in Bay City, MI online or by giving us a call at at (989) 684-4411. We're proud to service our neighbors in Bay City, Saginaw, Frankenmuth, Pinconning, Mt. Morris, and beyond at our Chevrolet dealership located at 3636 Wilder Rd., Bay City, MI 48706!