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Battery Tests and Installations Are an Important Part of Winter Car Care at Graff Chevrolet Bay City

Is your vehicle’s battery ready to handle the inclement weather winter brings? Cold weather impedes the batteries’ ability to function because low temperatures slow the chemical reactions that happen within. An old battery will be weaker and more susceptible to the cold temperatures, compared to a newer battery. But how do you know when to replace a battery? A vehicle's battery should last about three to five years, depending on the usage of the battery. As your battery helps with starting your vehicle and running other electric components, having it tested yearly is important to your car's overall health. Making sure your car is ready for the coldest Michigan weather is easy as looking out for the signs listed below and having battery tests and installations done as a part of your Winter Car Care routine at Graff Chevrolet Bay City!

Signs Your Vehicle’s Battery Needs Replacing

If you can't remember when the last time you had a new battery installed in your vehicle, chances are you're due for a test. As we mentioned above, batteries should normally last three to five years, but if you're experiencing any of the signs below your battery might need replacing.

  • Your engine struggles to start– Especially in cold weather, this is an indication that your battery is having trouble creating the chemical reaction needed to make the electrons necessary to start the engine. This can very likely mean your battery is too old to properly start your car and run the electric components throughout your vehicle.
  • The battery's casing appears swollen– This is often to blame from excessive heat and is a sign of heavy wear. Even if your car is still starting ok, make sure to have a professional technician check your battery's health.
  • There is visible corrosion around the battery – Corrosive residue on the positive and negative posts is caused by a leaky battery and can prohibit your vehicle from starting. The corrosion can be removed, but this is a clear sign that your battery needs replacing.
  • The battery light on your dashboard is on– A dashboard light can be tempting and easy to ignore, but we recommend you bring your vehicle in for a battery test if you see this light on your dashboard to ensure your battery is working optimally.
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Schedule Winter Auto Service and Routine Maintenance at Graff Chevy in Bay City, MI Online

If you're experiencing any of the signs listed above, you can have your battery professionally tested and replaced if needed at our Certified Service Center in Bay City, MI! We'd be happy to help with all your winter auto service and routine maintenance needs no matter what make and model you drive, and are proud to offer competitive pricing on parts and service. For your convenience, you can schedule a service appointment at Graff Chevy online. We're conveniently located at 3636 Wilder Rd., Bay City, MI 48706 to serve our neighbors in Bay City, Frankenmuth, Saginaw, Mt. Morris, Clio, Pinconning, and beyond. Don't hesitate to give our team a call at (989) 684-4411 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.