Car Sun Protection Tips at Graff Bay City

You already know how important it is to protect your skin from the summer sun, but did you know that it’s just as important to protect your vehicle? There’s nothing better than that warm summer sun in Michigan, but UV rays and high temperatures can be damaging to your vehicle inside and out. At Graff Bay City, we have a dedicated team of service experts that will help you with all items regarding car sun protection. In the handy guide below, we’ve outlined several ways you can perform exterior and interior protection in order to keep your vehicle in tip top shape all summer long!

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Why Is Car Sun Protection So Important?

When your vehicle is running, the components under your hood get super-hot due to all the friction being created by its moving parts. In the hot summer months, the temperature under your hood increases even more, which is why car sun protection is so crucial.

The extreme heat can affect many different vehicle fluids like your coolant, oil, brake fluid, and even gasoline. Here are a few reasons you should check your fluids regularly during the summer:

Along with checking your vehicle’s fluids, your hoses and belts should also be inspected since the sun can increase the wear and tear on your vehicle’s parts. A leaky hose can cause your fluid levels to drop at a rapid rate, while a snapped belt could cause engine failure. Ignoring damaged belts and hoses could become a costly repair, so checking on them periodically through the summer may save you from the hassle of an expensive repair bill.

The final component you should pay attention to during the summer months are your tires. When the temperatures heat up, so does the pavement, causing an increase in friction on your tires which can lead to faster wear and tear and result in a potential blow out. Be sure to check your treads as well as your air pressure before heading out on the road.

Car Exterior Protection Tips

The sun’s UV rays and hot summer temperatures can have a damaging effect on your vehicle’s exterior components when left out in direct light for a long period of time. This is why the service experts at Graff Bay City have put together a few car exterior protection tips for you to utilize this summer:

Car Interior Protection Tips

Your vehicle’s interior is just as susceptible to damage due to prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays – which is certainly a bummer especially if you invested a ton of money into a custom interior! Not only that, but when’s the last time you enjoyed plopping down on a hot leather seat in shorts? Our service experts have outlined a couple helpful hacks regarding car interior protection that both keep your upholstery looking sharp, and your comfort level at the maximum:


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Summer is a busy season filled with fun and adventure out on the open road, so it’s incredibly important that you take the steps to make sure that your vehicle is in optimal shape. If you have any questions about sun protection or other auto service items, feel free to give us a call at (989) 684-4411. Ready to head in to our shop? Schedule an appointment with Graff Bay City online or over the phone!