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Vehicle Sun Protection Tips for Summer Car Care at Graff Bay City

We know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun in the summer, but did you know that it’s just as important to protect your vehicle? There’s nothing better than that warm summer sun in Michigan, but UV rays and high temperatures can be damaging to your vehicle’s interior and exterior. At Graff Bay City, we have a dedicated team of service experts that will help you with anything you need for your vehicle, including great sun protection tips. We’ve outlined the importance of vehicle sun protection and the best tips to avoid sun damage on your vehicle. By protecting your car, truck, SUV, or crossover from the damaging rays, your vehicle can look brand new for years to come. Remember, it is also important to keep up with the necessary seasonal maintenance your vehicle needs this summer, so take a look at the rest of our Summer Car Care Guide on the left of this page.

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Vehicle Sun Protection Tips to Prevent UV Damage

The sun’s UV rays and hot summer temperatures can have a damaging effect on your vehicle’s interior and exterior components when left out in direct light for a long period of time. This is why the service experts at Graff Bay City have put together a few vehicle sun protection tips for you to utilize this summer. By implementing these tips, your vehicle’s interior and exterior will stay protected from potential sun damage all season long.

Purchase a Sunshade
Sunshades are the removable metallic sun blockers that go inside your front and rear windshield. If you leave your vehicle parked in the sun light for an extended period of time, your upholstery can become bleached or can cause your leather seats to crack. With sunshades though, the sun is reflected away from the interior of your vehicle to protect your upholstery. Sunshades also help keep your vehicle cool during the hot summer months so that you and your passengers can always have a comfortable ride.

Wash and Wax Regularly
Washing your vehicle often is recommended during every season, but the summer season is the perfect time to get into this habit if you haven’t yet. Washing your vehicle will remove all the dust and grime, which helps avoid small scratches and paint damage. After washing your vehicle, we highly recommend using a wax as well. This will help reduce the risk of scratches and prevent your paint from fading.

Cover your Vehicle
To completely protect your vehicle from damaging UV rays, you can invest in a full cover for your vehicle. This will not only help with sun protection, but with all damaging weather conditions. If you plan to leave your vehicle parked outside for an extended period of time, we highly recommend looking into this option. Overall, it’s always best to park in the shade – in a garage, carport, or under a tree – during the summer months.

Clean the Interior of Your Car
It’s important to regularly dust and wipe the interior of your vehicle during the summer months. If dust builds up, it can scratch the finish of your vehicle or leave a sticky residue after being in the sun for too long. A weekly dusting helps avoid any damage to the leather and upholstery in your vehicle.

What’s the Importance of UV Protection on Your Vehicle?

When your vehicle is running, the components under your hood are already hot, no matter what season it is. In the summer months, the temperature under your hood increases, which is why it is so important to protect your vehicle from the sun and UV rays. Keep reading to learn about the effects that sun and high temperatures can have on your vehicle’s fluids, belts, hoses, and tires.

Keeping up with your vehicle’s fluid maintenance is very important during the summer months. The extreme heat can affect many different vehicle fluids like your coolant, oil, brake fluid, and even gasoline. Here are a few reasons you should check your fluids regularly:

  • Your vehicle’s coolant protects your engine and other components under the hood from overheating. In the summer months, the rising temperature outside can increase the risk of your vehicle overheating if your coolant isn’t functioning properly.
  • Letting your oil get low is never a good idea, but especially in the summer months. High temperatures and low oil levels could lead to engine failure.
  • Brake fluid has a very specific boiling point, and can be affected by hot temperatures and friction. Most likely, your vehicle’s brake fluid won’t need to be changed in the summer if you regularly take care of it. However, if you feel your brakes are working incorrectly or your brake pedal is softer than normal, you should get a brake fluid inspection.
  • Today’s vehicles are designed to reduce the amount of gasoline that can evaporate from your fuel tank in the hot summer months, but a small amount of evaporation can still occur. To help reduce the amount of evaporation, try to park in the shade, fill your gas tank at night or in the morning, and tightly shut your gas tank cap.

Inspecting and double checking your vehicle’s fluid levels is very important in the summer season because the fluids play an extremely important role during the hot summer months. Along with checking your vehicle’s fluids, your hoses and belts should also be inspected since the sun can increase the wear and tear on your vehicle’s parts. A leaky hose can cause your fluid levels to drop at a rapid rate, while a snapped belt could cause engine failure. Ignoring damaged belts and hoses could become a costly repair, so checking on them periodically through the summer may save you from the hassle of an expensive repair bill.

The final component you should pay attention to during the summer months are your tires. When the summer temperatures get hotter, so does the pavement. An increase in the pavement temperature causes an increase in friction on your tires. More friction can lead to faster wear and tear on your tires, and result in a potential flat tire. Making sure your tires are ready for summer means checking the tread condition and checking the air pressure.

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Summer is a busy season filled with fun activities and adventurous road trips, so make sure your vehicle is ready to take you wherever you’re going. Take a look at our Summer Car Care Guide and let our service technicians take care of the maintenance your vehicle needs this season. Take the extra step and use these sun protection tips to keep your vehicle looking like new. Avoiding potential UV damage will keep your vehicle running its best all season long. Schedule you summer car care appointment at Hank Graff Chevrolet in Bay City today, either online or by calling (989) 684-4411. We proudly serve our surrounding communities of Frankenmuth, Pinconning, and Saginaw. Our dealership is located at 3636 Wilder Road, Bay City, MI 48706.