Learn About Spring Fluid Car Care from Graff Bay City

The fluids that are required by your car, truck, or SUV play a big role in its performance. Regularly flushing, changing, and topping them off will allow your vehicle to continue to operate as it should without any issues. It is recommended that you check your fluid levels regularly, and the start of spring is a great time to do so. Each fluid plays a different role in your vehicle and has its own suggested time interval between required services. Below you can find more information about each auto fluid, including why and how to maintain it. For more information on keeping up with routine maintenance and how to care for your vehicle take a look at our service FAQ page.


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The knowledgeable service techs at Graff Chevrolet will always take great care of you and your vehicle. If you’re unsure about the last time you had any of your fluids flushed, or any of your fluid levels are low, bring your car into our Bay Area Service Center and we can perform a quick and through inspection. Make an appointment with us online or over the phone by calling (989) 684-4411.