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Vehicle Windshield Repair for Fall Car Care at Graff Chevrolet Bay City

You’ve probably never thought of your windshield as a safety feature of your vehicle. Your windshield is actually one of the biggest safety components of your car! It does more than protect you from the outside elements that come into contact your car when you drive, like dirt, wind, or rain. It is an important part of your vehicle’s structure It is made up of two strong layers of glass and provides a clear view of the road.

Because your windshield plays an important role in your safety and in your vehicle’s structural integrity, tending to any damages of your windshield are critical. Vehicle windshield repairs are an especially important part of Fall Car Care because as the weather changes during the fall, cold temperatures can affect the glass of your windshield. If you have any questions about your windshield or damages that may have occurred, contact our experts today!

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Windshield Damages and Importance of Repairs

If you happen to get a small crack or chip in your windshield it may not seem like a big deal, but can affect the entire windshield and front vehicle structure. Unfortunately chips and cracks can happen anytime, anywhere. Below is a list of the different ways your windshield can become damaged:

  • Gravel– When driving behind construction vehicles or down dirt roads, gravel, dirt, and rocks can be kicked up into the air from tires. Sometimes the force of the gravel can impact your windshield and cause the glass to chip.
  • Weather and Temperature– Your windshield is made up of two layers of glass, but in extreme hot or cold temperatures, the glass can expand or shrink. Weather elements like hail can also cause damage to your windshield. We recommend keeping your vehicle in a covered area during extreme weather.
  • Pressure Changes – Pressure changes, can occur in the air, and if strong enough, can crack your windshield. Things as seemingly harmless as fireworks in the neighborhood have the possibility to affect your windshield. Any existing crack or chip can make your windshield more susceptible to further damage.
  • Accidents –A collision can not only cause your windshield to be damaged but can also further any current existing chips or cracks. In the event of any collision you will want to bring your vehicle to our Graff Bay City Service Center so we can inspect and repair your windshield.
  • Poor Manufacturing or Installation – If the windshield is not attached to the front end of your vehicle properly, it can move while the vehicle is in motion. The movement can put stress on the windshield and cause it to crack. If you notice a vibration of your windshield that could mean it was installed improperly and you should bring your vehicle into our service center as soon as possible.

Small chips in your vehicle's windshield can result in a large crack. Chips can increase in size and turn into cracks in a number of ways including cold or hot weather, or simply driving over bumps on the road. We recommend having your windshield repaired during your Fall Car Care preparations at our Graff Bay City Service Center to avoid any further damage.

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Your windshield plays an important role when it comes the structure of your vehicle, and when it comes to the safety of you and your passengers. When you drive at high speeds it protects you from flying rocks or gravel and different weather conditions. Damaged windshields put you at a higher risk of injury in the event of an accident, and should be repaired as soon possible. Make sure your vehicle is ready for anything this fall season by scheduling your vehicle windshield repair and auto service at the Graff Bay City Service Center online or by calling (989) 684-4411. Keeping up on proper routine maintenance will keep your car in good condition and keep you safe on the roads all year long. Our Graff Bay City Service Center is located at 3636 Wilder Road Bay City, MI 48706 and we proudly serve the Bay City area as well as the neighboring areas including Saginaw, Midland, Birch Run, Pinconning, Essexville, and beyond.