Vehicle Weather Strip Repair or Replacement for Car Care at Graff Chevrolet Bay City

Your vehicle does more than just get you from one place to another. It keeps you safe while traveling, and protects you from the unexpected weather situations that may arise during the fall season. Your vehicle’s weather strips help keep wind and rain out of your car by sealing the cracks and filling the gaps of your car. They make sure your car windows and doors stay closed and secure. Weather strips can be found along your window glass, or along your doorframes. Because they are located on the outside of your vehicle, having proper weather repair or replacement is crucial in the fall as the weather gets colder. Michigan fall weather can be unpredictable and by following our weather strip maintenance tips for Fall Car Care at Graff Bay City you can keep wind, rain, snow, and other weather surprises from damaging your carpets and upholstery. Continue reading to learn how different weather strips and seals protect your vehicle, and how to spot any weather strip damage you'll need to repair or replace.

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Learn How Each Vehicle Weather Strip Seals and Protects Your Vehicle

Your vehicle has many different types of weather strips. They surround everything from your car doors to your car windshield. There are even weather strips specifically designed for your trunk! Below are the common weather strips you will find on your car:

There are many different types of weather seals and strip around your vehicle, and each one works to protect you and your car's interior from the outside elements. Weather strips also work to keep parts of your car, like the trunk and doors, secure while on the move. This is why it's important to make sure your vehicle weather strips are in good condition. Take a look at how you can detect a damaged weather strip and how our team at Graff Bay City Service Center can help you repair or replace them!

Spotting Damages and Replacing Your Weather Strips

Damages to your weather strips can be as unpredictable as the fall season. There are a few warning signs that will help you determine if your weather strip is in need of repair. You may hear “wind noise” as you drive down the road. This could mean there is a tear or a weak spot in your vehicle’s weather strips. The “wind noise” can be distracting and keep your from hearing other cars or emergency response vehicles around you. Another sign that may indicate if your weather strip is damaged could be water inside your vehicle’s cabin.

If you experience any of these signs, your vehicle weather strips might be damaged or simply be too old or worn to seal properly. You can check for damages, rips, or tears in the strips by running your fingers along each one. You can also test the strips with your fingers by pushing on them. If the weather strip feels dry or crusty, or does not bounce back after you push on it, the weather strips could be worn out and need replacing.

If you suspect damage, or need assistance in checking your vehicle weather strips, we'd be happy to help at Graff Bay City! You can exclusively schedule a vehicle weather strip inspection, or have us repair or replace your car, crossover, SUV, or truck's weather seals at your next oil change. Our team will have your vehicle ready for the cold and wet weather ahead in no time!

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Schedule Your Vehicle Weather Strip Repair or Replacement at Hank Graff Chevrolet in Bay City, MI

The fall season in Michigan can bring unexpected weather, including windy days, rain, or even snow! Your vehicle’s weather strips play an important role in keeping you safe while driving during the fall season. At Graff Bay City we are here to help you with your weather strip needs. Our team of ASE Certified technicians can inspect and replace any type of weather strip your vehicle may require. By keeping your weather strips in top condition, you can protect the interior of your vehicle from the outside elements. Make sure your car, truck, SUV, or crossover vehicle is safe and secure and schedule your vehicle weather strip repair or replacement at Hank Graff Chevrolet in Bay City, MI online or by calling (989) 684-4411. We are located at 3636 Wilder Road Bay City, MI 48706. We proudly serve the Bay City area as well as the neighboring areas including Saginaw, Midland, Birch Run, Pinconning, Essexville, and more!