Vehicle Heating and Ventilation Inspections for Car Care at Graff Bay City

This fall season, don’t let the Michigan cold catch you by surprise! Chilly fall mornings will have you cranking up the heat. Make sure your car stays warm during the cooler months by having your vehicle heating and ventilation system inspected as part of your Fall Car Care at Graff Chevrolet Bay City. Your heating and ventilation system mainly keeps you warm and comfortable when you’re driving, but it also serves as a safety component for your vehicle. The system defrosts and defogs your windows in the colder weather. It also is important because it works to regulate the heat under your hood. Keeping your heating and ventilation system in working condition will not only help you get rid of ice and fog on your windows, but it will help prevent your engine from overheating. Taking care of your vehicle's heating and ventilation system during the fall months is important in preparing for the colder temperatures because it prepares you for a safer drive when the road conditions start to get more dangerous. Continue reading to learn about how your heating and ventilation system works, the importance of inspections, and how to recognize signs of malfunction.

How Your Vehicle Heating and Ventilation System Works

Your vehicle heating and ventilation system works to keep you warm and regulate your engine temperature. Below are the components that work together to get your vehicle heating and ventilation system running:

These parts work to heat your vehicle and maintain your engine temperature through a series of steps. Coolant circulates throughout the engine in hoses, where it gathers heat from the engine, and is sent to the radiator. It is then distributed to the heater core, where the blower fan pushes the warm air through the vents and into the car’s cabin. You can control the temperature of your cabin on the control panel.

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Recognize the Warning Signs of Vehicle Heating and Ventilation Malfunction

There are several different ways you can recognize a problem or malfunction in your vehicle heating and ventilation system. To avoid running in to continuous problems, we recommend having your vehicle's heating system inspected at our Graff Bay City Service Center for Fall Car Care. Here are some signs there may be something wrong with your system:

Heater is blowing cold air. One of the most obvious signs of a problem with your heating system is vents blowing cold air. This can be caused by several problems, so have our team of experts take a look during your Fall Car Care appointment and we’ll have you ready for the cold weather in no time!

Heater is blowing no air. If your heater is not blowing any air, there is likely an issue with your blower motor or fan. Parts may need to be repaired or replaced. Your vehicle needs proper airflow to function safely. If your fan is not working schedule an appointment with our technicians for a full inspection.

You smell something strange. If you smell something sweet coming out of your vents, this may indicate there is a coolant leak inside the engine. Coolant leaks can also be recognized by a puddle of bright liquid under your vehicle. If you smell a musty scent coming from the vents, then there could be mold or mildew within the system, and you will want to have your air filters replaced as part of your Fall Car Care.

There is a lack of temperature control in your cabin. If you cannot control the temperature inside your cabin, there could be a problem with your thermostat. When your thermostat is broken it cannot recognize the temperature inside of the engine and you will not be able to control the temperature in your vehicle’s cabin.

Your cabin fogs up. If your cabin fogs up suddenly while you are driving, there could be coolant leaking in your engine, evaporating, and then moving through the vents as steam. If this is happening, there may be a problem with your heater core. Have our technicians run an inspection as soon as possible because this could lead to your engine overheating.

Your engine overheats. Any time your engine overheats it must be approached as a serious problem. This may be caused by your heating and ventilation system not regulating temperatures. If your engine begins to overheat, contact our Service Center at Graff Chevrolet Bay City as soon as possible. If you ignore an overheating engine, you could see costly repairs in the future.

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Schedule Your Vehicle Heating and Ventilation Inspection at the Graff Bay City Service Center

As the fall weather quickly approaches you don’t want to find yourself in the cold! Make sure your car, truck, SUV, or crossover is prepared for the cold weather ahead by scheduling your heating and ventilation system inspection at the Graff Bay City Service Center. By having our team of ASE Certified technicians inspect your vehicle heating and ventilation system, they'll be able to pinpoint malfunctions and repair if necessary so you can stay safe and toasty all season long. You can schedule your service appointment for Fall Car Care online or by calling (989) 684-4411. Our Service Center is located at 3636 Wilder Road Bay City, MI 48706. We proudly serve the Bay City area as well as the neighboring communities including Saginaw, Midland, Birch Run, Pinconning, Essexville, and more!