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Helpful Auto Care and Routine Maintenance Tips | Graff Chevrolet Service Center

At the Graff Chevrolet Service Center, we are committed to providing our customers with superior service in a timely manner. Additionally, we work hard to make sure that our customers enjoy their time spent with us – whether you are purchasing a new Chevy vehicle, taking advantage of our routine maintenance services, or simply stopping by to say hello! We welcome your business and want to make sure that you feel appreciated long after you’ve left our lot. To help you feel that way, we offer affordable and timely auto care and routine maintenance to help extend the life of your vehicle. In addition to our services, we also have gathered a few tips and tricks from the ASE Certified service technicians at our dealership to help keep your vehicle running perfectly and save you money on unnecessary repairs:

Routine maintenance
  • Keep a vehicle service log. Keeping a record of all maintenance and repair procedures is imperative to your vehicle’s health. You can use this information to plan your next oil change or brake replacement – all of which keeps your vehicle running smoothly!

  • Go easy on your vehicle during the break-in period. Now that you’re behind the wheel of the Chevy you’ve always wanted, remember to take it easy on your vehicle for the first 1,000-1,500 miles. This means you should avoid excessive idling, speeding, and heavy loads. This is an important period in your vehicle’s life – proper care and maintenance will get you many years of used and enjoyment.

  • Buy the right kind of fuel for your vehicle. Filling up your gas tank with a higher octane rating fuel than required by your vehicle is a waste of money. Some sports cars with high compression engines often recommend using high-octane fuels to reduce engine knock. Check your owner’s manual first – if it calls for regular, use regular.

  • Make checking fluid levels and tire pressure a habit. Checking the oil, washer fluid levels, and tire pressure once a week are simple tasks that can help you spot smaller problems before they can turn into bigger ones. When refilling fluids, make sure you use the proper fluids. While checking and adding fluids to your vehicle, it is important to remember to use the correct type and quantity – too much or too little, or even the wrong kind of fluid, can cause major damage to your vehicle’s systems. If you aren’t sure which kind of fluid to use, consult your owner’s manual or ask one of our ASE Certified technicians to assist you.

  • Keep your vehicle clean. Michigan winters can be harsh on your vehicle. The salt used to melt ice on the roads can be damaging to your vehicle and cause rust to spread. To keep damage as minimal as possible, take your car in to get it washed on a regular basis, or give it a wash at home.

  • Remember to clean your vehicle’s interior as well. Your vehicle’s interior has many soft and porous surfaces, which means if dirt, dust, and other particles are left unattended, they can break down and diminish these surfaces.

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