Chevy MyLink’s Customizable Touch Screen Display

The Chevy MyLink customizable touch screen display gives you access to convenient wireless connectivity with the touch of a button. Through the touch screen display, you can use smartphone mobile applications, navigation, control your music, and more. You can even customize your touch screen display so it works perfectly for you. With the press of a button, you can select and move the feature icons to create a unique and user-friendly display tailored to your preferences.


Connect Your Phone & Your Chevy

One of the many things that makes Chevrolet MyLink vehicle technology so great, is that you can connect your smartphone to your Chevy, giving you immediate access to the functions of your phone on your vehicle’s touchscreen. Once your phone is paired to MyLink, you can make/answer calls, control your music or navication, and set up text message alerts to stay safe while staying connected. Select Chevy MyLink packages also allow viewing of your USB media photos and videos through the touch screen display, as long as long as your vehicle is in park!


Stay Connected with Bluetooth, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, and USB

When you connect your phone to MyLink via Bluetooth, you gain wireless access to music, mobile applications, smartphone features, and more! Alternatively, you can connect via USB plug-in which will still offer access to your mobile apps and entertainment while simultaneously charging your device! You can also stay connected via available 4G LTE Wi-Fi that’s built directly into the vehicle. Whichever pairing method you choose, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of accessing your smartphone and the devices you love through your vehicle’s advanced technology.


Music Options with Chevy MyLink –
Pandora, Stitcher Smart Radio, and Sirius XM

With Chevrolet MyLink in-car vehicle technology, you can enjoy an entertaining driving experience unlike any other. After pairing your mobile device to your Chevrolet vehicle, you can access and interact with your favorite music and entertainment applications like Pandora Radio. Browse through your Pandora account and even “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” the songs you hear to customize your stations. You can also access thousands of podcasts and radio shows through Stitcher Smart Radio and SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with Chevrolet MyLink

While you now know that Chevy MyLink can sync with your Android or iPhone, another great feature of this in-car technology is that it now offers Android Auto and Apply CarPlay technology, which allows you to utilize the operating systems you love straight through your Chevy vehicle. Once you connect a compatible smartphone by USB, you’ll have access to a variety of Android and iPhone apps including music and navigation right from the MyLink touchscreen.


Hands Free Calling and Text Message Alerts

Chevy MyLink technology allows you to stay in touch while keeping your hands safely on the wheel by connecting your smartphone to make and answer calls. You can also set up text message alerts for the ability to listen to the text messages you receive through your vehicle’s speakers while driving. Additionally, iPhone users can use the Siri Eyes Free application to compose and send messages with minimal distraction.

Nuance Natural Voice Recognition

The natural voice recognition system utilized in Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system allows you to use natural voice commands to control the system. Nuance natural voice recognition is an advanced system that studies your accent and speaking patterns. It learns your own unique voice so your vehicle will always know when it is you! The more you use the Nuance system, the more it will recognize you, making it even easier to utilize your vehicle’s MyLink features. Using voice commands with Chevy MyLink becomes less of a demand and more of a conversation.

OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation

In addition to accessing endless entertainment and smartphone features, you can also take advantage of turn-by-turn directions with OnStar navigation! OnStar representatives are available 24/7 to respond to you within seconds once you press your vehicle’s blue button, giving you around the clock assistance! They can help you find the safest and quickest route possible to your destination, and even if you get lost, the turn-by-turn navigation system will adjust to your location, so you can always find your way. Plus, with Destination Download, if your vehicle is equipped with navigation, you’ll never have to enter an address manually – an advisor can send directions directly to your vehicle!

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