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Learn How to Properly Care for Your Tires

At Graff Chevrolet, we know the importance of having tires in good condition. After all, tires in good working condition are critical for a safe drive, especially when the road conditions are less than ideal. We want to help keep you safe on the road by equipping your vehicle with the right tire for the right price and providing quality routine maintenance services for your current tires. You can be sure your tires will be properly inspected by our ASE Certified technicians anytime you're at our Service Center in Bay City. In the meantime, or in between routine maintenance services, you can use the information and tips below to properly care for your tires!

Tire Maintenance Tips - Rotations, Inspections, Repairs, Replacements

Keeping your tires in good condition is relatively easy. All it takes is regular tire rotations, wheel alignments, and habitual inspections completed by you! We also recommend getting in the habit of checking your tires before any long road trips. Here are a few tire maintenance tips you can follow throughout the year:

*Tire Rotations – Every Other Oil Change – This is the most important part of caring for your tires. Each tire will wear differently depending on its position on the car, so rotating them will allow for more even wear across all four tires. Regular rotations can help to extend the life of your tires and help you save on tire purchases overall! *Wheel Alignments – Once Every Year – Your wheels can become misaligned through normal wear, hitting bad potholes, jumping a curb, and other bumps on the road. A misalignment can cause your tires to work harder to move straight, causing premature and uneven tread wear. *Tread Inspections –Once Per Month – You can use the beloved penny trick or quarter trick to check your tread every month. You should have 4/32" of tread or more, and at the very least 2/32". When you check your tread, make sure to look at different areas of the tire to spot uneven wear, which could indicate other issues like misaligned wheels. *Inflation Inspections – Once Per Month – Most think a visual inspection will do, but it's more accurate to check your tire pressure with a handheld gauge. Your tires can lose air from damages, and regular weather changes, too, so it's important to do an inspection once a month. You can find the proper PSI for each tire *Damage Inspections – Once Per Week – This task is really easy to do once you get in the habit. Before getting into your car once per week, walk around your car and do a quick visual check to look for any damages. Keep an eye out for any tire bulges, especially on the sidewall, and tire punctures. If you see anything unusual, avoid driving if you can and have it inspected and repaired right away! *Repairs/Replacements – As Needed – When your tire's tread becomes too thin (under 4/32") or there's damage, it's imperative to have your tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Your safety on the road is worth tire It's best to have all four tires replaced at once because the variances you get with having two or one replaced at a time can cause shaky handling, especially in inclement weather.

How Long Do New Tires Last?

Unfortunately, there is no right answer. Some sources say new tires will last around 50,000 miles, but there are many factors to account for. The life of your tires depends on the type of tire, the tire's inflation level, how often you rotate your tires, your vehicle's wheel alignment, the way you use your tires, the type of vehicle you drive and the way you drive it and occasional unexpected tire damage. We'll help you choose a great new set of tires, perfect for your needs and budget, with longevity in mind!


Schedule Tire Services at Graff Chevrolet in Bay City!

When it comes to your vehicle’s tires, our ASE Certified and factory-trained technicians have the expertise and know-how to perform tire maintenance services and replacements. We stock tires to fit all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Additionally, we carry 11 name brand tires including Goodyear and Michelin, and offer the guaranteed best price on all of the tires we sell. Be sure to check out our Coupons page for discounts to save you even more money on tire services such as:

  • Tire inspection for proper inflation and wear (for new tires and spares)
  • Tire rotation
  • New tire installation
  • Tire mounting and balancing
  • Disposal fee

You can easily schedule a service appointment for your tires at Graff Chevrolet online by filling out our scheduling form, or by giving us a call at (989) 684-4411. We look forward to serving you in a timely and professional manner at our dealership at 3636 Wilder Road, Bay City, MI.

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