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Community Connections

We are proud to support the local community and encourage our powertrain customers to do the same. We want to help you save big while supporting the local economy. That is why we provide discounts that can be used at a number of local businesses including:

In addition to local discounts, we also offer Powertrain Employee Discounts and savings – available everyday at Graff Bay City! To learn more about the various community connections and discounts available to Powertrain employees, click the link below!

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Proud to be Family First!

At Graff Powertrain in Bay City, we put our GM family first! We do this by accepting the GM employee discount. We also provide each and every one of our customers with spectacular customer service and first-rate deals.

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Click the ‘Get More Info’ button below to get your Family First Discounts and to learn more about how we have remained a family business that treats our customers with respect and care.

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Graff Bay City Discounts

We offer a variety of coupons and discounts at Graff Chevrolet in Bay City – especially for our Powertrain customers! Although we competitively price all of our services and inventory, we also encourage Powertrain employees to visit our Coupons page to see available savings.

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On top of our Coupons page, we also offer employee discounts. If you are a Powertrain or GM employee, we will give you the best deal possible on your auto service, body repair, new Chevy, CPO vehicle, or used vehicle. To learn more about out Hank Graff Bay City discounts, click the link below.

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