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Unfortunately, every insurance claim starts with an auto accident. While it is unfortunate that you have found yourself involved in a collision, knowing exactly what needs to be done will make handling an insurance claim as smooth as possible. So to start the process, you’ll need to report the claim to your insurance carrier as soon as possible. You can then expect a claims adjuster to call, email, or write you regarding your accident and insurance claim. They will then work with you to determine what type of coverage you have, your deductible, and coverage limits that might affect your claim.

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There are three basic pieces of information that needs to be gathered at the scene of the accident:

For simple insurance claims (e.g., minimal damage to vehicles, no medical treatment required, no fault assigned by the responding officer) the claims adjuster may have you get an estimate of repair costs. At the Graff Chevrolet Collision Center in Bay City, we are more than happy to help you with this part of the process by giving you a FREE repair estimate. We will then meet with your claims adjuster and give them an estimate of how much it will cost to repair your vehicle. We will then relay the determined cost to you before we move forward to begin repairs. We are able to seamlessly communicate with your insurance provider simply because we are a direct repair shop for many major insurance companies. This means that we can efficiently and effectively get you through the adjustment process quickly, and then get you back on the road in a timely manner.

The Insurance Settlement Offer and What to Do If Your Auto Accident Claim is Denied

After the adjuster has investigated the claim and reviewed your policy, they will present you with your settlement offer. This offer is the amount or terms that the insurance company is willing to pay on the claim you have made. It’s important to remember that every situation is different – in situations of total loss, the offer is typically fair but can be on the low side. If you feel your offer is low, research your claim – you might be surprised to find that others in a similar situation have been offered more! Your adjuster usually has equitable range, which will allow you both to come to an insurance settlement that pleases both parties.

If your auto accident claim is denied, there are several reasonable and legitimate reasons for why that might have happened. More often than not, these reasons involve limits in your coverage. We advise you to work with your insurance agent to check the denial letter against your coverage policy. Typically your agent can be your best resource in this type of scenario.

No matter what happens, it’s important to remember that the team members at Graff Chevrolet are at your disposal. Our staff has years of experience in handling insurance claims, so please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members with service tips, suggestions, or insurance advice. We are committed to helping you back into your car, truck, SUV or crossover as quickly as possible and for a reasonable price. We are the insurance claim experts of the Bay, Tri-City, and Mid-Michigan areas!